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As the first international anthology of Filipina writers published in the United States, Babaylan reflects the complex history of a people whose roots have stretched to both sides of the globe. With contributions from over 60 Filipina and Filipina American writers, Babaylan provides readers with a comprehensive view of a growing and vibrant transnational literary culture. Challenging, innovative, fierce, reflective, somber, funny—no one word can capture the extraordinary range of this collection.

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Good Girls Marry Doctors: South Asian American Daughters on Obedience and Rebellion, edited by Piyali Bhattacharya, is the first anthology to examine the multiple facets of daughterhood in South Asian American families. Good Girls Marry Doctors is filled with honest stories, difficult and joyous, heartbreaking and hilarious, from a diverse array of powerful women. These narratives combine to expose struggles that are too often hidden from the public eye, while reminding those going through similar experiences that they are heard, and they are not alone.

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Junglee (stemming from the Sanskrit root "jungle") is used in India to label the wild, the uncivilized, the untamed. Used most commonly as condemnation or censure, it aims to break the spirit of women yearning for personal power. The female protagonists in these eleven stories recklessly pursue their sensual paths through a complex social world that seeks to shut them out. With wily irreverence and a willful rawness, Kamani pulls back the veil of convention, inch by inch, and draws the reader into the disquieting truth of women's lives, charting territory both intimate and bizarre.

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The end of the Cultural Revolution in China in 1976 marked the beginning of an exciting phase of literary activity as the state loosened its grip on literature and the arts. One of the most significant developments has been the emergence of scores of women writers articulating female experience and re-opening questions of gender in new fiction. Ding Xiaoqi, whose work in English translation is collected here for the first time, ranks as one of the most daring shapers of this new tradition for her treatment of taboo subjects like rape and adultery, and as one of its most sophisticated stylists for her intense renderings of highly subjective states.

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This compilation is the first comprehensive work to focus on South Asian American and South Asian immigrant women in the U.S. It represents a pioneering effort to collect the critical essays, creative works and personal histories by and about women of South Asian descent. The diverse expressions of identity and experience found here enable us to begin to see how women of South Asian origin define their positions within their respective communities, within wider interethnic networks, and within national and international social, economic, and political frameworks which impact women's lives, both in the United States and in South Asia.

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In this collection of twelve unforgettable short stories, Lara Stapleton writes from the same precarious emotional plane where her characters live. She writes about people living in a world that forces them to recreate daily their small corner of hope. These are people who don't quite fit; who often seem just a little out of step with their circumstances; who have a past to run from but no clear future to run to; who live in the present with the pure ache of longing. They are complex: defiant and helpless, isolated and exposed, sometimes painfully self-aware, sometimes lagging behind the curve.

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In this collection of five short stories and a novella, set mostly in China during and after the Cultural Revolution, Geling Yan presents us with unforgettable characters who have all, in one way or another, left home. Taking as her territory the disorienting space between home and away, Yan charts the unexpected and illuminating transformation of her characters' hearts and minds as they find themselves thrust into unlikely intimacy with strangers who embody different histories and different desires. White Snake is the first English translation of this award-winning author's elegantly crafted writing.

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